The Elixir….

Framed in: Dreams are the very essence of life. Without which the life would have been a monotonous chains of realities. They add in more spices and hopes and smiles… when you dream… you are re-born! So, in a way dreams are the elixir of life! Dreams are one’s own… you cannot expect some one else to dream for you. So you have to dream your dream and you have to Hold on to your dreams tightly! And as the former president of India, Dr.Abdul Kalam stated, “Dreams are not those you see during your sleep, but those are the ones that should make you sleepless! So, I am sleepless and still clinging on to my dreams. Joining me?


Framed out: It was one of those boring vacation days. After lunch I usually feel a very depressing laziness which will tempt me to go to bed. But I hate sleeping during daylight! So I took out my Camera and was wandering through the compound of my house with a macro lens mounted on it. I was searching for something strange and peculiar. But nothing captivated my interest. Suddenly I had a close look into my fist and held it above my head against the sun. That captured my mind. Took out the lens cap, set the shutters and apertures at the higher end and clicked with one hand. The result was stunning! This  photo has drawn a lot of appreciation for me as a photographer. There was a mention about this photograph in one of the issues of ‘The Hindu’ when it was exhibited in “Artographies”, an exhibition of photographs and Paintings.


Grey Frames : Nothing happens unless first we dream” : CARL SANDBURG

9 thoughts on “The Elixir….

  1. Yeah Im joining u Brother…..Letzz Hold on 2 r Dreamzz …V will Make it Someday!!….Wit love,Vishwas Nicholas


  2. Good photograph :)And what do you mean by “dream your dream”?


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  4. the photograph goes vry well with the post caption : holding on to dreamss…..loved the pic 🙂


  5. 🙂 🙂 🙂 stay blessed..the pic speaks volumes I must admit 🙂


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  7. @ viswas : Thnx kanna…. we have to hold on to our dreams and fight fr achievin tht!!!@SSN : Thnx re.. “dream your DREAM” has a lot of dimensions to it…. to have a dream you need to dream! thats as simple as that if put in simple terms! @ chaku: Thnx chaku.. expectin this feedbacks through out..@ Sangee : Thnx sangee… was eagerly waitin fr ur comments!


  8. “dream dream dream…dreams come to thoughts …n thoughts come to action…..” -A.P.J Abdul Kalaam inspiring concept….really, that photograph speaks alot …


  9. “Dream ,dream ,dream….dreams come to thoughts..n thoughts come to action….”- A.P.J Abdul kalaamvery inspiring concept….really,this photograph speaks alotttttttt….!!!keep dreaming n keep tracing ur dreams…u’ll achieve….n let this blog inspire others also to dream n follow their dreams….!!!


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