The First Rays….

Framed in:  Dawn… The first appearance of light in the sky before the sunrise. It brings in lot of hopes along with a pleasant breeze. After a relaxed sleep the eyes open to the coolness of the morning with a lot of hopes and happiness. The expectations are plenty and the atmosphere is pleasant.. The windows are about to open to the new rays of hope!  What more do you need? Go on… Let it be always dawn in your life! And let the symmetry of your life be balanced and let the birds chirp every now and then.


Framed out: It was Panjim, Goa. The coolest place for any photographer. The visual variety and richness it offers is quite amazing! A walk with your camera can make you a stunning photographer. I was there in 2004 for the first time to photograph a painting exhibition conducted by Indian Christian Art Association. I was sent by the college to cover the event. The mornings are always tempting. I loaded the Nikon FM10 camera and a 70-200 Vivitar lens and went for a morning walk. It gave me some awesome pictures. This one is particularly close to me since it offers a wide variety of perspectives. The symmetry, The colour,  The lighting, The grandeur of the Portuguese architecture etc. Presenting that Dawn… for you!


Grey Frames: “However long the night, the dawn will break”  : African proverb

4 thoughts on “The First Rays….

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  2. As they say…one would not understand the miracle called sunrise…unless one has waited in darkness for long… Stay blessed maashe


  3. “The windows are about to open to the new rays of hope”……too gud a line…HOPE is a gud thing…probably the best of things…and gud things never die…i actually wait for ur post now 🙂


  4. @sangee… i kno… there is this poem by emily dickison.. “to comprehend a nectar, u need the sorest of the needs!” thts true.. for those who r in comforts of the light will not understand the beauty of dawn! thnk u kunjutty….@Chaku… thnx chaku!!!! hope fully this blog ll get big! :):) need ur support!keep readin!


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