Romantic Mornings….

Framed in:  Dreams are unlimited. They come and go. For me… most of my dreams are romantic! In fact romantic to the core… These romantic paths… I love these lonely ways and walks through them. These paths are seductive. Seductive to the extend that they make you dream! A walk with her, through this mystic greenery, with fingers crossed, to the horizons, by sharing the dreams and breaths…. What a dream that is! If rain accompanies… what more can I ask!!! But sadly, most of the time, the ways are lonely for me. I cross them alone! Never ever there was some one to cross the fingers over and share the heart beats through these paths. These ways are my dreams… dreams to a walk to the land of dreams unlimited.. With those fingers crossed and shoulders rubbed!

Framed out: This photo is a part of my series titled “Nostalgic Mornings” made as a part of an academic assignment. Clicking pictures in the early hours of the mornings was my passion always. So when I was given an option to choose my topic for the assignment, I dint even hesitate… Mornings.. The romantic, pleasant, cool, blue mornings! At once packed my kit and went to the mountain ranges of Nilgiris to the get the ultimatum! The series was an awesome one with the richness of Morning and coolness of early rays. This pic was one such exposed with my Yashica FX3 with FX7 lens. These are definitely my ways to the Dreams!

Grey Frames: “The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” – Rumi

Beyond Frames: This post is dedicated to some one who has led me to the discovery of the best Music I can ever hear! Who has taught me the meaning of the smileys! Some one who dreams to make my dreams a reality; to walk in rain with the fingers crossed… rains with pearls and crystals… who has taught me “if there is a reason to love, there is a reason for life and beyond!”.. Who always keeps on telling me “certain relationships come without a tag!”  For her magic ragas of love and affection! Yes it is for you… just for you…


3 thoughts on “Romantic Mornings….

  1. Two lines about dreams to you…” Swapnangalekkurich puthutayi onnum parayanila.. vaakkudanja bimbangalude vari neenda theer vazhcha pole ava palappozhum avyaktham aayirunnu, nizhal thinna velicham aazhangalil ninnum ethy nokkum pole..”Like Tagore once said….“That I exist is a perpetual surprise which is life…”And I always have felt that the best things in life are always unexpected… for almost all the best things that came into my life were unexpected. And I believe that you will truly understand the essence of life when you allow the unexpected to happen…


  2. “Lovers dont meet finally…They’re in each other all along.” …how true etta…jes no words to tell how much i loved this post…


  3. @ Sangee… then the silence prevails!!! life has to b e random! so let th unexpecteds flow in!@chaku… Rumi is just mind blowin! thnx fr followin my blog.. thanz a zillion!


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