Rough Terrains…

Framed in: Barren Terrains… Dried up bushes… Gloomy sky… What else do you require to make your day the worst! The sight of the barren land filled with dried and thorny bushes always brings weird dreams… Dreams of getting lost… Dreams of getting hurt… dreams of being in hot frying pan… and what not!  These weird dried up bushes creates cracks in the still to be explored sky. The unpainted canvas is full of dark patches and gloomy ashes! But somewhere the hope lies in the sky. The hope for a rain to have new sprouts and buds…. Hopes for a brighter sunshine to bring back happiness… Every Dark Patch in life will have a better tomorrow waiting. Wait till the right time arrives to cross the rough terrains!

Framed Out:  A casual morning walk with my elder uncle G.K. never seemed satisfying for my camera. It was a gloomy morning and the light was too less. My Zenith Camera (A 1960 Russian make) had a lens with a slower speed (its maximum aperture was 4.) So I knew it was not the right time. We discussed a lot of things during the walk. Poetry, cinema, Osho, R.K’s Cartoons… Suddenly this happened. There were these dried up bushes hanging on in a rough patch against a grey sky. The stage was set for my camera as I always loved silhouettes. I just took out my camera, Set the shutter speed in 1/30 and supported my camera by holding it tight towards my body and clicked it expecting a silhouette. The exposure was just right and the colour, just perfect. I have not hampered the colour. It’s not a B&W image. It’s taken in colour. But as the atmosphere was so gloomy it looks like a B&W image.

Grey Frames: “Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.”        Rabinthranath Tagore


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