Through out… Till the end….

Framed in : The entire life is a wait… Through out the life we wait for something at every point of time… From the day we are born, the wait is an indispensable part of us. We wait for our mom’s caring hugs during the child hood, we wait for those sweet pecks from dad…We wait for bus, we wait for exam results and what not?!… and when the hormones creates a tickle in us, when we find out the right person…we wait for him/her to be a part of us!!! And every wait carries hope. But there are these waiting which has no definite hopes.. but still… As my friend once wrote to me “Ella kaathirippinu pinnilum oru pratheekshayundavum. Pratheekshayillaatha kaathirippinu pakshe  oru sukhamund!” (Every wait will have a hope.. But this wait, without any hopes also has a pleasure!) yes, that was true. Certain relationships are like that. Even though the hopes and expectations of being together are feeble, the mind tends to wait, of course without any hope!   But the love still exists! Can it exist as eternal even when we have to separate at some point of time? Let us wait! In short.. What is life? It is nothing but a wait for death from the day we are born! She is also waiting for him… with a hope he will come at some point of time to hug her.

Framed out : I don’t have a definite idea when was this photo was clicked. But this is my second year class room.. so it might have been taken somewhere during 2004. And I remember that particular day. It was a tire some day after a trip or something and we were just cooling out in our class room. Suddenly spot her (she was my class mate) standing in the class room door as though waiting for some one! That created an interest in me. The melancholy in her expression caught my attention. I clicked it with my Yashica FX3 without her knowledge! Think she liked the picture!

Grey Frames :  Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worse kind of suffering.”   Paulo Coelho.

 Beyond Frames : For all those who are waiting for something endlessly.. (I know a quite a few people now!). Keep faith… The hopes will be delivered.. So wait with happiness!!! 

8 thoughts on “Through out… Till the end….

  1. too good a thought etta :)went through something like this…tat faith thing helps a lot…trust me for tat :)and loved the pic….beautifully captured 🙂


  2. Don't lose hope! =) And yes awesome picture 🙂


  3. @chaku… i kno chaku.. finally the wait was successful lle?? stay blessed chaku@esther.. Thanks for droppin in and commenting.. keep pourin in!


  4. hope keeps us living…nice photography…thanks for ur comment on my post.. 🙂


  5. @divya.. thanks fr th comment.. keep droppin in


  6. too gud….for sure there's hope in every wait….


  7. @sams… thnx for droppin in.. and acceptin my points!


  8. You've a good way of presenting the thoughts. Keep going.. All the best!


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