Trapped in Between…

Framed in: What ever we do to bring in clarity, Chaos remains… A curse of this generation, lost in the maze of Internet and Digital revolution. With the communication and technologies treading through new paths, the life should have been much at ease and relaxed. But on the contrary all these bring in more and more pressures and unhappiness. None is content with life. Especially, today’s youth are off-track. Not knowing where to go, they are lost in the middle of the sea. Without specific destinations, they wander without directions. This brings in a weird expression in their faces not letting them to enjoy the life in its fullest essence! A serene landscape filled with green lush tea bushes, a cool refreshing river flowing through its middle, a pleasant breeze kissing the lips, musical notes being played by the cuckoos and add on to it gentle drizzles through mild sunlight…. What more do you need to enjoy life? But he is still in Chaos and Solitude… a curse which has been following him through out!

Framed out: This picture was taken at Panniar dam in Kerala during my short stint with HML as an Asst.Manager in one of their tea estates at Surianelli! That was a Sunday and my best pal, sound MIXER Vishnu had come to visit me in the estate. So we had arranged a trip to Panniar dam. A rocking trip with my colleagues Arun.K.Nair, Milton Durom and Sijin. It was amazing in every sense. Boating through the dam for all day with occasional rains and rum accompanying, it was definitely one of those days to cherish. Before getting into boat, when clouds let the sun free for some time, I spotted Vishnu sitting in the banks of the river, smoking and thinking something deeply. He posed an attitude and that raised my interest. Captured with my Yashica, this picture remains one of my favorites.

Grey Frames: we should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. And we should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh.       Friedrich Nietzsche

6 thoughts on “Trapped in Between…

  1. Wow..wat a perfect example for an oxymoron.Only you cud come up with the title 'chaotic' for such a pic..


  2. hmmm… i second the first comment… its so serene… n i dont find de pic so chaotic in ny angle… but still i completely understand ur state of mind…chillax dude. well i luved de pic!! nee yedutha maariye illa..hehehe


  3. At first glance, the picture is peace personified. After reading the post I went back to it and still was tough to see through, but that is how we are, not always what we seem to be; a story behind each picture 🙂


  4. uknw i am kind of going back to the pic again and again…and every time i see it am looking at it differently 🙂 chaotic….hmmm i do agree….


  5. @ Indu… Oxymoron? thanks for the compliment! we were in total chaos when the pic was taken!!! :)@ sharanya… i agree.. th pic is serene and lovely. But look at his face.. th chaos is evident. even at a such a heavenly place a melancholy remains in his face.. thats y i titled it! and y that? i am a good photographer you kno?@ jai… I agree jai.. its peace personified.. th pic is calm.. but every peaceful volcano has hot boilin lava inside it!! thats wat i meant!@ sangeeta.. you have to agree chaku!! 🙂 ha!ha!


  6. This is a nice one, when i saw the pic first i was really confused if it was your pic or someone else's lol.. But seeing Vishnu etta meant it had to be you… :)Good work etta 🙂


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