Dark & Curved… To Blurred Destination!

Framed in: Destiny is decided by the way we face life. For cowards, who feel safe to follow others and  travel through the roads traveled by others most often, only a monotonous, non-challenging, boring destination awaits! But for those who take the road less traveled, they find a new path and leave the trail for others to follow! They remain the leaders. The road to Destiny may be curved, dark with only a narrow ray of hope shining in distance, with a lot of obstacles in the way and perhaps long too! But those has to be overcome by the energy of optimism and dreams. Let the roads taken by you take you to enchanting landscapes!

Framed Out: This Snap cannot be forgotten. After a tiresome bike ride of more than 400 km over a day, I was on my way back to estate and was supposed to report for the job by 6.45AM. It was already 6.30 and there was half an hour ride more to estate. But how can I miss such an extravaganza. Decided to stop my “Mayavi” (my enfield) and make this frame immortal! Took out my Yashica FX3 and exposed the “Road to Destiny!”  Rightly exposed, the pic brings in a coolness and totality of the dawn!

Grey Frames: The end is decided when you decide the path. Fidel Castro

3 thoughts on “Dark & Curved… To Blurred Destination!

  1. This time I loved the photo much more than ur interpretation..great going!!


  2. Beautiful picture man, reminded me of a sunset I saw long back while travelling with my parents.


  3. @indu… So u mean to say my other pics were not good?!:( mm… ethayalum ninte blog inte athra varilla!! tryin to match it!@jai.. thanx man.. this is a pic tht i love a lot! very close to my nostalgic feelings!


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