Framed in: We are in a maze! A maze controlled by time. More we try to come out from it more we are trapped in it, trapped in the spider web of time. We enjoy good times; we curse bad times and in this fast paced world controlled by internet and other communication gadgets we race against the entire time only to find out that we will never win against time! Imagine a life without time! The pace of the life will definitely come down! How calm it will be. I am dreaming of such a life where I am not depended of time and want to break all the clocks and watches around me! Just want to break away from the mysterious ways and speeds of time! Let’s go back to those times when there were no clocks or watches, where the speed of life could have been compared to the speed of a snail, so calm and meditative… So let’s try avoiding leaning on to time at least for a day and bring back the soul in to this life!

Framed out: oops! How can I forget the day! This pic was taken at kallar, near mettupalayam. That was our Degree batch’s first outing. A perfect start, I still remember. We had a drawing workshop with Arjun sir, an artist. The last day we went on an outing to draw the sceneries. I painted using my camera. The first expedition as a photographer I would say. The amount of effort taken to expose this frame was enormous. Literally lying on a fallen tree to get the texture of the tree I borrowed a watch from Vivin (we call him “Maapi”) and captured the time using the 1960 model Zenith camera! (Thanks for Anilettan, my guru for lending me his camera!)

Grey Frames: “Who forces time is pushed back by time; who yields to time finds time on his side.

~The Talmud

3 thoughts on “Mysterious…

  1. Your pictures are too good


  2. time is breaths we take. It courses in our veins and beats in our hearts, wrinkles our skin and turns our hair grey. It teaches lessons best of teachers never could. Clocks and watches are just few more of those man's cruel inventions, let them not bury you down 🙂


  3. @meenakshi… thanx re!!! keep reading@jai… i m dreamin of burryin them actualy!!!


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