The smell of innocence…

Framed in: Babies are God sent. They reflect the divinity of the nature. I remember once one of my teachers asked us what could be the reason for this divinity attached with the kids? We were in our class IX or something and we were blank. I have never thought of a reason behind that but knew that babies are just cute to be hugged and kissed! And then he told us, the reason for that divinity is just because of the innocence and the helplessness of the babies! That make them so special. Somewhere during the course of our growing up, we lose this innocence and get prepared to face the world. After all what is maturity? Nothing but losing your innocence and true self and learning to live according to other’s wish and act in front of the society. ! And I always believe that man is in his true self only in bathrooms when he is shut in the four walls and when nobody is watching him. The entire education system is designed to make us more matured, ie, lose innocence and become more and more sly! The more educated you are, the more foxy you are! I am presenting here for you, The ‘Expressions of innocence’, which we have lost somewhere. Trying to grab back a piece of that! Let us start a journey backwards.. Let the innocence prevail…

Framed out: An assignment for a magazine on a feature about the tribes of Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu took me to the dwellings of the tribes in that area. I have always loved feature photography and love clicking the human expressions. That’s were the satisfaction of photography lies in me, to make immortal a piece of expression. And I guess I am well appreciated for that too! The innocence of this sweet little kid attracted me. But when I approached to a take a portrait of her she refused. And I guess she was frightened and got in to the hip of her grand mother and started crying. That presented a more interesting frame for me and I clicked it with my Yashica FX3 with FX7 lens and loaded with Fuji 200. I still adore the innocence her eyes.

Grey Frames: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Pablo Picasso

4 thoughts on “The smell of innocence…

  1. 'The more educated you are, the more foxy you are'- Well,it made me think a lot.As usual I loved the writing more than the photo.Philosophy and films, u really do ve a future 🙂


  2. @indu… thanx fr th confidence u people have in me!! i ll try to live upto th expecations// and yea… this thought of losin innocence.. i had this in back of my mind for so long.. and i think thts true,,,


  3. You have written a very sensible piece.I just loved it.I strongly do echo whatever you said.Sometimes the society programs us to shed our canvas of innocence and expects us to wear a veil of maturity and the pic beautifully blends with your writing


  4. @jayanti.. thanx fr droppin in.. and i need to shed that veil.. will v b ever able to do tht!


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