Lucky enough to be there….

Framed in: “The Royal Branch”, is lucky enough to be there, right in front of a great palace. By the virtue of being in a palace garden, the branch also becomes royal! An absurdity! There has to be an end to this idiotic practice. This inequality has been happening all around the globe from the day history can be traced out. King’s son becoming the next king, how much ever incapable he is.. The only quality he might have had was that he was the son of the king! This happens in this era also… Politician’s son is a politician.. Actor’s son is an Actor…Democracy becomes a mockery.. If born to a middle class struggling family.. it becomes an Herculean task to climb up to your dreams. But if you are born in a well to do family with a lot of political and financial background, you don’t even have to dream.. Dreams will appear in front of you and you just have to choose! Which ‘ism’ can eradicate this inequality! Until then equality in this world will remain a dream!

Framed Out: This picture is very memorable to be. This can be the first click by me which had an artistic angle! That was during a family trip around Karnataka.. with all my relatives when I was in std IX! Exposed at the Mysore palace with my (then it was my dad’s!) Yashica FX3 with FX7 Lens.. the odd angle of this frame gives a strange balance to the picture. The branch peeping out from the right edge with the golden light of the setting sun falling on it… makes the composition more interesting. I still remember my father scolding me a lot for tilting the camera! But I still believe the Dutch angle and that branch adds a tinge of magic to the frame!
Grey Frames: The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.” Aristotle
Beyond Frames: For my dad.. Who else… who guided me with his eyes to this wonderful world of photography! Thank you Acha!

2 thoughts on “Lucky enough to be there….

  1. Awesome Pic…Good angle…U related the tree with current scenario well…the fragile tree might be called royal…but.but the coniferous Coast Redwood tallest tree species on earth..The talented would come up to shine even grown in the dense forestsgud luckCheers


  2. I, for one am trying to break out of that as of now and so far it's been fun for the last 5 months 🙂


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