"A lot of cinematography is intuition. It's an art, not a formula." Reed Morano

And thats exactly why I believe I am an artist. Those intuitions seduce me, makes me sleepless, take me to the heights of ecstasies and create a ripple inside me which helps to re-invent every now and then. Being an artist, thats what I look forward for, through the art form, re-invent, re-new and get re-born and contribute to the society by telling stories. Because it's in the stories that world revolves!!!

“Cinematography doesn’t have to be beautiful. It has to be appropriate.”
Michael Chapman.

Cinematography for me has always been a tool for the art of story telling rather than just beautiful imageries. And I always strive to create visuals that can make the storytelling more interesting and engaging. Because I believe it is the story that is more important and vital!

And my belief was reinforced when I was featured in the Arri Signature Prime Summer 2020 Showreel. Only two cinematographers from India were featured in the same. That was a moment to cherish which made me believe every design has a purpose and the journey is in the right direction! 

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