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Framed In: Have you ever chased Sunsets?

Every sunset holds in itself, a tiny piece of universe. Witnessing a sunset is to embrace the life in its fullest. Nothing can be more joyous than getting entwined into the calmness of the sunset kissing your forehead. The tranquility of the setting sun, whispering the poetry of love, can create a sense of euphoria in the heart, helping us reach our deepest emotions. Happiness, radiating from the music of the floating clouds of the dusk, can transport you back in time and make you feel like a child once more.

Understanding sunset is to comprehend the deepest secrets of creation, buried deep within the millions of colours of twilight. It is that time of the day when universe is trying to converse with you. There are fairy tales to be told, verses to be exchanged and warmth to be shared. No one can ever look at a sunset without being awestruck. Every sunset reminds us of the enigmatic ways in which the universe works to keep us happy. And the setting sun emphasises the fact that the most beautiful and magical things in the world are the simplest, and within a hands reach!

And that’s exactly why we should chase sunsets, every single day. Dissolve into one of those colours of the twilight. Get closer to nature. Freeze the time and let go off it. Life is to be lived, not just survive.

Let the chase begin. Let there be space for more sunsets and more fairytales all around.

Framed Out: Goa is a happy place. At the mention of the name “Goa”, a smile pop-ups on every ones face. That is Goa for you. The atmosphere is palpable. Every time you visit Goa, you are reminded of what it means to live life to the fullest. 

This photograph was taken at Agonda Beach. Swetha and I were on a week-long trip to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.  When in Goa, you cannot miss the sunsets. We were on our fifth day in Goa at the time, and we made sure to see the sunset every day during the trip, no matter what. Sunsets were, in fact, the most anticipated time of the day, and everything else was centered around that half-hour.

We were driving down from North Goa to Agonda on that particular day, literally chasing the sunset. We didn’t want to miss the sunset, so we planned to arrive in Agonda early. However, we got lost and arrived in Agonda just as the sun was setting. We checked into our cottage and had to rush to the seaside to witness the sunset.

This was somewhere in the first week of December and the sky was full of clouds. That added a mystical beauty to the entire setting. I couldn’t move. I was speechless. I was numb and feeling euphoric at the same time. I knew I can sit there all through without moving an inch and soak up the entire spectacle. That’s exactly what I did. Somewhere in between, I knew I wanted to freeze that moment and hold on to that memory eternally. Clicked with my OnePlus 5T, this one photo turned out to be the most stunning image of the entire trip.

Those few moments of stillness were enough for me to realise how fortunate I was to be here, at this moment. These are the kind of experiences that can impart a lifetime of learning. There cannot be a better artist and teacher than nature. Embrace it whenever you can.

Grey Frames: “When the sun is setting, leave whatever you are doing and watch it.”Mehmut Murat Ildan.


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