Sajeesh Rajendran

Seek Nothing. Be the Zen.


Framed In: Sometimes, a blank stare can tell us millions of stories. The intense blankness in the eyes can be translated into a lifetime of emotions. People staring into nothingness and embracing a sense of calmness always carry an element of mystery. To be in that zone of Zen, it takes time. To be alone in a crowd and be the crowd when alone becomes the key. To understand nothing takes time. To embrace emptiness, be bigger than the void. That’s where we should be headed. Because it is in the nothingness, the universe’s greatest happiness projects are secretly preserved. 

The quietness you experience while looking into the nothingness and beyond is intriguing.  All the unanswered questions become inconsequential, because at that very moment they either go missing or transform themselves into a vacuum, which does not seek answers anymore! Because to seek is to suffer. To seek nothing is bliss!

Framed Out: Kerala is mystical. There is a Zen-like serenity radiating from every nook and corner of this country, which is God’s very own!

This picture was clicked in Alleppey while shooting for a music video. The Kathakali artist in the frame was a part of the shoot and was all ready with his costumes and make up much before the call time. From the moment he was transformed into the character, I could sense a different vibe emanating from him. I was observing him from the time he came into the sets. Soon after he got into his costumes, he attained a Zen-like calmness, which made me even more attentive. In the mad rush associated with most of the shoots, there is this person who is least affected by all the insanity that goes around him. I couldn’t help but stare at him in the middle of the shoot and freeze a moment of that calmness using my One Plus 5T.

For me, his eyes staring into the blankness whispered volumes of calmness, silently! That tranquility is what everyone should aim to attain.

Grey Frames: “In Zen, we don’t find the answers. We lose the questions” Zen Proverb.


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