Sajeesh Rajendran

Gliding between Life and Death!

Framed in: How should we be welcoming death? A question which is a paradox. But according to Osho, while we know that death is in front of us, we must just let off the life fly away from us! Otherwise if we try to cling towards the life, we will never feel content and will die with a feel that we still have lot more to be done in this world. The hope in this case is a villain! What ever the hope may be death is inevitable. You can’t keep it postponed for even a second. Then why this hesitation to accept it?! “The Last Leaf” by O.Henry was an inspiration once.. But later it brought in lot of weird thoughts. It is giving a false promise… There is nothing eternal in this world. The same is the case with a few relations too. Certain relations may be intense but unstable. Every second we will be reminded that this relation is not going to last long for some or other reasons. But still we try to cling on to it. The best way to come out of it is to let it go off.. Let it fly away and never try to call it back. The emptiness may be painful for a few days. But believe me, as the cliché goes… Time is the best healer!  Let the leaf hanging on the edge of the finger fall off.. Let it fly down and perish… New leafs will definitely sprout!

Framed out: This picture was taken during one of our practical classes during my second year of UG. There was a huge structure made of iron and a white translucent material attached to it which we never knew for what purpose it was at that time. (Now I guess it was meant for Table Top photography) It was used for everything else except for what it was intended to! Those were the days when creativity was the buzz word and we were like trying a lot of weird stuffs to prove we were thinking out of the box! This was a result of that search. There was this thing of white translucent board attached to the large iron structure. I got a banyan tree leaf from somewhere and asked my friend Gayu (Gayathri Devi) to hold it with one finger on the board and kept a light directly behind it. The result was this picture. It has a mysterious look attached to it. Another pic in my collection of abnormal photos! It was clicked with my Yashica FX3 camera attached with FX7 lens

Grey Frames: The fear of death follows from the fear of life.  A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.  ~Mark Twain

Beyond Frames :  Creativity is defeating habit by originality:” (Courtesy: One of the tables in the Transit in Forum Mall in Bangalore and Nitha who showed it to me!). 


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