Sajeesh Rajendran

One step closer to ecstasy.

Framed In:  To witness a tiny piece of history is to realize how miniscule we are! They whisper into our ears about the existence of a glorious past, a past that curated and preserved a slice of its soul for us. Millions of stories unfold. One could literally hear the sounds of the chisels that carved all the details on those stones. It is those details that make them mesmerizing and timeless.

Divinity is definitely in the details. Paying more attention to details is one step closer to ecstasy! Attention to detail comes with perseverance and patience which proves your love for what you are creating. As a generation embracing speed and restlessness that’s exactly we lack, the patience to delve into the details and the perseverance to wait till we get it right! That could be one reason why depression and chaos are the order of the day. We are always engaged in multitasking in an attempt to make more use of the time given. But what we don’t realize is that, in that attempt to save time, we are losing the opportunity to create something eternal and profound. When will we realize this?

Is it not time to get back to the chirpings of the birds, breeze of nothingness and smiles of purity? Create and preserve something for the future? Pay more attention to detail and longevity? Otherwise we will not be leaving any traces of our existence. We will remain superficial. And in that hollowness details cant be chiseled! We will be pushed out of history and will go invisible and untraceable!Lets not get there. Its time to get back to details and be more divine!

Framed out: History always fascinates me. Was awestruck by the magnificent architecture and the rich history associated with these ruins. In a way they were directly talking to me in a language that only we could understand. The remains of the Kakatiya kingdom at Warangal, I was there scouting the locations for a tourism film for the Telangana tourism. This was a small mandap away from the main Warangal Fort But I was arrested by the details given to even such a small mandap like this one, which would have been an insignificant one in those times. I don’t know whether we will be able to create something as monumental as this one in this era of so called advanced technological age. That’s exactly why I felt so miniscule in front of those ruins. I think as a generaion, we are walking backwards in terms of our capability to create something that’s stunning at the same time immortal and everlasting.

I have heard a lot of stories about the Kakatiya Kingdom, which ruled Warangal in the 12thand 13thcentury. Known for extreme craftsmanship and attaining pinnacle in the  Social , Political and Cultural realms, Kakatiya dynasty was truly exceptional. The vibe can still be felt there. That’s the kind of legacy that they have left behind them for us to get overwhelmed!

After travelling a few hundred kilometers across the lengths and breadths of Telangana and exploring deep into the history of Kakatiya Kingdom, it was on an early winter evening that I went to the Warangal Fort, the official emblem of the Telangana Government. The emotions that I experienced are beyond explanation using words, truly remarkable. While I was walking around some of the ruins a little away from the main fort, the sun was setting and I knew the time was right to click that one picture which will go deep down into my heart. Clicked with my One Plus One , this will be one of the last pictures clicked in that phone. A little after this picture was clicked, my phone fell down in the central courtyard of the Warangal Fort and the damage was beyond retrievable!  

Grey Frames: “Details matter. Its worth waiting to get it right.” Steve Jobs.


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