Sajeesh Rajendran

Sparkling Romantic Red….

Framed in: In Love, what a red rose can do, nothing else can. There cannot be a substitute for Red roses and kisses in love. Dampness of some sweet kisses and dryness of a few red roses given by HER are still there in my fading memories! Romance is such an amazing feeling that springs up in any individual. That’s a basic necessity which makes this world more beautiful to live in. looking on to her eyes, one forgets the fact that the earth rotates, day and night appears, time tickles on, autumn and spring passes by… Once you fall in love, you find yourself upside down… the entire world will look more colourful and beautiful! Once I was in love.. but not any more. But whenever I see those passion flowers… I wish to be back to my romantic days. To walk with her in the rains… to be kissed by her in the darkness of the night… to be hugged by her in the shades of trees… to feel her smell which resembled baby creams… to write love letters.. to fight over those silly things… In Love, what a red rose can do, nothing else can!!!!

Framed Out: Those college days… they were romantic and fun. The day was auspicious and was during my second year of UG.. It was after some function. Think it was the inauguration of the literary club and I was elected as the Gen. Secretary or something. After the function I came down from the auditorium and was just kidding around. one of my juniors came to me with a bunch of red roses.(I swear noting fishy in that!). She just wanted to congratulate me on the occasion. That’s it! Her hands were looking cute and I had this idea. The camera was Nikon FM10 loaded with Kodak200 I guess. I asked her to hold them against the white walls of the class room which resulted in this picture. A small manipulation digitally presented a wonderful frame! Something like a post card… this picture, though a cliché, still evokes the feel of a romantic moment spent with some one special!

Grey Frames: If I had a rose for every time I thought of you, I’d be picking roses for a lifetime.Swedish Proverb


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