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Tiny droplets of newness…




Framed in:  A blooming flower at any point of time is a sight to savor.  The freshness associated with it is unexplainable. With those tiny droplets of water sticking on to it… the whole world will look new. I don’t know whether it is the blooming flower or those droplets of water in those petals that add freshness to the flower, but it is true that those tiny droplets of water can make almost everything look fresh and anew. Newness is an ineluctable part of our life. Anything new is interesting and it makes us curious. A new book, a new pair of dress, a new pen and even a new word that we have learnt is exciting.  But as nobody can stop the ticking of clock, everything grows old and makes us lose interest. Once we fail to find newness in things we do, it makes life a scum bag of routines and make us think that the life is boring to the core. We should be able to safeguard freshness in life. Like those tiny droplets of water add freshness to almost everything, we should be able to discover that tiny newness in everything we do and everything we see. If there is something new to do everyday,  life never goes dull. And this world is so vast that you will never run out of newness.  You just have to put in a little extra effort to discover that newness in everything you do. Everything that will have some thing new in it which would have been missed by us. The music of the rain, the missed sentences in a poem, the new tastes in those mom’s same old menu and so on… Once we are able do discover them , life will turn out to be a deep meditation where you will re-discover yourself and you will be reborn every second. What is fresher than a birth? It’s always a new start! always be a new born! Let’s start this life anew every second by discovering those little droplets of newness and live life to its fullest extent!


Framed out: This photograph was clicked during one of those dull days in Munnar, during my estate days.  It was a period when I was considering myself  dead creatively as there was nothing to do that made me exciting  and my thoughts were full of  logistics and mathematics. But there was this fire to be different and lighten up those creative and romantic parts of the brain. Whenever I could, I used to wander around in my 1962 model royal Enfield with my Yashica to do what I liked the most, clicking pictures. But the time was a scarcity there as I was caught in the web of all those nuisances associated with a planter’s life and I confess, I failed to find newness in everything I do. But still I did safeguard some of the freshness as far as I could. This picture is a result of that. I was returning to the field on that day morning after the breakfast and as always was deep in despair due to the usual routine affairs. When I was about to start my bullet this flower caught my attention. Together with the diffused rays of the early morning sun and the dew drops settled in it, it aroused me. I grabbed my yashica FX3 loaded with Fuji 200 and clicked this pic. This frame still evokes the smell of dry days I spent there in that estate!


Grey Frames: Do not say, ‘It is morning,’ and dismiss it with a name of yesterday. See it for the first time as a newborn child that has no name. Rabindranath Tagore 


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