Sajeesh Rajendran

When the Tree Loves the Sky…!

Framed in: Love stories happen around the world. The sharing of hearts, Warmth of the hugs, Dampness of the kisses.. they make us still believe that living in this earth is not that a boring affair! When a tree loves the sky.. anything can happen! The static stubborn tree with its branches spread out… The cool blue sky with the romantic clouds floating on them… they are ways apart and not meant to be together! The difference is obvious. Nobody considers them as a good match and naturally disagreement arises when talked about they getting united! But no force in this earth can seperate them except themselves.For two hearts in love.. they knows no boundaries nor anything else for that matter. The only thing that matters to them is their hearts. Two hearts in love… Nothing can separate them. That’s why the old cliché, “Love is blind!”. But when there is a difference of opinion between those two hearts in love..? There is nothing like a kiss as a remedy. A sweet warm kiss filled with those fragrances of affection. That can ebb out any differences between those two hearts. Let the tree kiss the sky and let them unite together leaving behind all those difference of opinions. Kissing the blues will definitely bring back the magic of affection between them! Let this inspire every one out there to kiss their loved ones to bring back those charm of romanticism which we lost due to the monotonous ways of living. Let us try to make this earth a beautiful paradise. Because only love can transform any hell into an heaven!  

Framed out: This photo is from my series titled “Nostalgic Mornings”. Mornings are the best part of any given day. Watching the darkness slowly dissolving away with the birds chirping at the background… Enjoying the cool breezy morning sipping a cup of hot tea with the news paper, sitting in the balcony… mornings are truly romantic! I wont sacrifice my mornings for anything else. Those coziness offered by the mornings are to be enjoyed to the fullest extend! And the opportunities that a morning offers to a photographer is immense! The slanting golden rays make each and everything in this earth so beautiful. I love to pack my kit and go on photographic expeditions on the early hours of dawn. This pic was a result of one such adventure. The silhouetted tree against a clean blue sky.. That was a treat to my lens. Clicked with my Yaschica FX3, those sprinkled clouds adds an unmatchable beauty to this frame. The odd diagonal angle of the tree renders a dynamism to the frame. One of my all time favourites in my collection.. this pic is too romantic! 

Grey Frames: “Kissing is a means of getting two people so close together that they can’t see anything wrong with each other.” Rene Yasenek

Beyond Frames: This dedication is special. This is for some one who made me dream the same dream many a times in a day! For the angel who made me believe a tree can love the sky and kisses are the magical remedy for any drifts between two hearts! Its for you.. on this special day.. to make it more special… kisses and love…