Sajeesh Rajendran

Walks of Life…

Framed in: The picture looks so serene. Every one walk towards a final destination, a destination that is so mysterious but an inevitable one! The life is short and we must enjoy it. But people tend to forget this. In an attempt to live, we forget to live! We are just rotating the arms of clocks and see the time pass by! Seeing people hanging in trains, buses and rushing towards their work places early in the morning and back home late in the night, I feel so pathetic! When will we have time to live? Thinking seriously of going back to some serene landscapes and live a life where time waits for us, where we enjoy the morning rays of sun, where we feel content with the magenta coloured twilight of dusk, where stars and moon can be adored! ( I am having a weird thought of settling in some interior villages of kerala and set up a small tea shop and read a lot about cinema and watch at least 2 films a day and also I can exhibit films to the villagers there!:) ! How would that be?) Whenever I see this pic, there is an incomparable peace and relaxation running through my nerves! Life has to be enjoyed like this, walking so relaxed, not bothered about the time that tickles by and other chains that become a hindrance! Not during the last walks of life but every time. Some one has to teach the entire human race how to live the life in its fullest extend and utmost satisfaction! The walk has to be slow, a word hated by this fast paced world!!!

Framed out: Even though the pic looks so serene and peaceful, the story behind this pic is not that peaceful! This was taken at kaleghoot beach in Goa with Nikon FM10 camera loaded with Fuji 200 and Sigma 75-200 lens. There were lot of foreign ladies bathing in the beach and I was going around clicking pictures with my long lens. The guy in this pic noticed this and had a doubt on me! (I swear, my intentions were pure) But he thought it in the wrong way! He came running towards me furiously and started shouting. (I could only hear the letter “F”!) And he asked for the roll to be handed over to him! Oh! That was an experience. Some how I managed to escape from there, with God’s graze! I did think that I will be trashed by that fat lunatic British guy! Luckily, the people gathered there, mostly where foreigners, asked him to cool down and asked me to leave the place at once! I ran from there in a jiffy! Really an amazing experience!

Grey Frames: “To be able to look back upon ones life in satisfaction, is to live twice” Kahlil Gibran