Sajeesh Rajendran

Following… without making a noise…

Framed in: Shadows tell us a great deal about ourselves. Your true self is reflected in your shadow. It cannot be manipulated. The only image of you which can never be manipulated. It’s your true self. Whenever we deviate from our path, it tries to bring back us on track reminding us of what we actually are! Shadows make a steady  stroll in to our inner soul and finds a path to our heart too! As Buddha says its the only companion which follows you wherever you go till you are dead; A follower who makes no noise!  In short, it’s the better half of you! And a shadow is a promise too.. A promise that confirms there is a large source of light around you and you are not in darkness any more! Truly a stalker who leads a silent revolution in us!

Framed Out:  A gloomy day can be changed by the click of a fantastic picture. It was a dull afternoon. Think it was one of those holidays which passes by without anything much to do! I was wandering in the compound of my mom’s house with nothing to click. Suddenly this thought of clicking my own shadow struck me. Just a curiosity. With my Yashica FX3 shot my own shadow and a dried leaf in the frame added more elegance to it. It made the composition more strong and visually captivating. The mysterious quality of the picture makes it really interesting!

Grey Frames: Shadow owes its birth to light.   John Gay