Sajeesh Rajendran

Finding Harmony and Peace…

Framed In:  We are on a constant search, a search for the ultimate truth, the purpose of existence and the real meaning of life, which seem so elusive.   No answer seems to have satisfied the human race so far. The entire search seems to have ended in futile. One major reason could be because, we tend to look far and beyond.  No one ever makes an attempt to look around and immerse in to the colours of life, which is in harmony within oneself.  Once we realize that the real peace and harmony remain within ourselves, we will start to appreciate the entire idea of being alive. Start relishing the simple pleasures of life right from a deep breath to an amazing sunrise.  That will make us comprehend the real purpose of existence. Calmness is essentially an inner quality, which should be reflected from inside to the outside world. Peace and harmony can exist even on a valley full of unrest and bloodshed. This image of Dal Lake reminds us of the ultimate truth to happiness and contentment.  One just has to find harmony and peace from within, and forget about all those external elements creating havoc, which is beyond anyone’s control.  

All those Shikaras waiting for the travellers from all across the world are peacekeepers. They carry a message of love and peace; a message that they wish will resonate all across the globe.

 They have been constantly finding Peace and harmony … from within, in spite of all the turmoil, to disseminate to the world, for ages now. Let that peace and harmony prevail and triumph.  

Framed out: With every travel you bring back a lot of memories and a strong desire to travel more, far and wide. Kashmir always remained a mystery and a place that seemed very far and unreachable. And this book, “The ministry of utmost happiness” by Arundathi Roy brought in this strong desire to see Kashmir. That’s when I decided to travel to Srinagar and experience life there on the other end of the country. This was on the third or fourth day of our trip when I suddenly had the realization that I missed out on my early morning walks, which I believe, could give you totally different perspectives about a place. That’s the time when you should witness the world. The slanting rays of the golden early morning sun and the mysterious mist that engulfs could turn out to be magical.

And I happened to be at the right place at the right time when the sun just peeped out of the mountains and I could capture the reflections of the rays in the dal lake. Had a small conversation with Reena, the Mexican tourist that you see in the picture. She was waiting for her shikara to cross the lake. Surprising to see foreign tourists in Kashmir.

You just have to be at the right spot at the right time with the right frame of mind to capture an image that’s so honest and true. Clicked with my OnePlus One, this one has become one of my most favorite clicks of the recent times.

Grey Frames: “Peace comes from within.. Do not seek it without”  Buddha

Beyond frames: A post after almost four years. Off late, I click pictures very rarely. With photography going digital and then mobile, I kind of lost interest in still images and was concentrating more on the moving images. But then, for sometime now, I have been thinking about reviving the habit of writing and telling stories through pictures.  But then busy schedules and laziness was keeping me away from putting in an effort to write. But now there is a strong desire to write and express. Wish this re-start stays with me…